05/03/2016 Don’t Miss the MOY Mother’s Day Stroll this Sunday!



Congrats to Coach Jen and CFS member Mary, on completing the San Luis Obispo Half and Full Marathon last weekend!  They even had a cheering section consisting of our Mountain Om Yoga Instructor/CFS members Kim, Thomas, and Ann.  We are so proud of you two!


2km Row
6 Bar Muscle Ups
9 GHD Situps
AMRAP 10min

No Barbell today. Time to get sweaty and breathe hard!

Treat the 2km as if you are rowing it for time alone.  Attack it really hard, with about 80-90% effort. Basically, don’t sandbag the row to ‘save’ yourself for the AMRAP.

Score = Rowing time – Reps (in seconds)

RX and Beyond Rxd: People in this category today should have no problem doing sets of 10 Bar Muscle Up and 15 GHD Situps unbroken each round. Shoot for 5+ rounds.

Rxd: We set the reps as is so that people can do the movements unbroken each round and keep moving as consistent as possible, given they have just rowed a fast 2km!

Don’t miss the Mountain Om Yoga Mother’s Day Stroll this Sunday Evening!  Check out the mountainomyoga.com website for more information!



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