05/02/2016 Back to the Basics


“Stick to the basics and when you feel you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start all over again, begin anew – again with the basics – this time paying closer attention.” – Greg Glassman

This is our focus for May. We are sticking to the basic Squat mechanics. We aren’t focusing on how heavy you can lift or on improving your 1RM Back Squat (although this is still great!), but rather on improving the mechanics of your Air Squats. If you think you have it dialed in, challenge yourself to some basic Squat Therapy movements like the Wall Squat and see how you perform.


Part 1:
3 Front Squats
EMOM 15min

Part 2:
Tabata Front Squat (45/35lbs)

Part 1: We like to approach Heavy Days by trying to get as much volume with a heavy load as possible. This means that for a given workout, we like to see ALL the reps prescribed done as heavy as the athlete can go with good mechanics. We get more bang for our buck this way.

Some days we work with a heavy load for a given rep scheme and then other days, we slowly add weight for each set.   The focus for those days is time under tension (being under some load) and technical practice.

RX and Beyond:  Today our focus will be a HEAVY load for each set of 3 reps, during the entire 15 minutes of Part 1.

Fitness: If you are still focusing on dialing in your technique,  start at a moderate load and then add a little weight every few minutes.

Part 2: If you have never done Tabata with an Empty Barbell, you are in for a treat! It gets a little ‘burny’.

Score = Lowest Rep Count Per Set. (If you do 15 one set and 20 another, your score is 15). So don’t blow everything and have nothing left for the rest of the sets!  Find a good rep count and STICK TO IT.


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