“Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”-Bruce Lee


Part 1
OH Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Part 2
Hold Weight OH 30sec
5 OH Squat
Rest 2min
5 rounds

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: Heavy OH Squats today. Use the warm up to work up to a heavy load and hold it over the 5 sets. This may mean that you won’t hit a PR today, unless you aim to hit it 5 times! However, usually people seem to have a little more in the tank for that last lift, so really push yourself.

For Part 2, the challenge is to be able to do a heavy set of 5 reps after the shoulders have been under fatigue for 30sec. A great little exercise in shoulder stability and strength. For this, you can add weight each round, so start with something you know you can hit for 5 and then go from there. It will most likely be a new stimulus for most of us,  so use that first set as a test of what you can do.

Fitness: Use today as a day to get better at the OH Squat. Even if it means you are using the PVC or empty barbell. Make it so you are working hard to get those 3 reps each round.

If holding the weight above your head is going to be too much of a challenge before doing 5 reps, take out one or the other. If you feel like you need more work on your shoulders, then keep the hold. If you feel like you need more work on your squat, then work on the squat.  You choose your weakness and dominate it!


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