04/25/2016 OH HELEN!

Mel getting his pull-ups done during Murph.

Mel getting his pull-ups done during Murph.

WOD:  Helen

400m Run
21 KB Swings (24/16kg)
12 Pullups
3 Rounds

Definitely a crowd favorite for the last ‘Ladies’ Night Monday,’ of April — Helen!  No thrusters in sight. Everybody loves Pullups and KB Swings right!? For an additional challenge to the Beyond Rx’d gang, we have prescribed Heavy Helen. People should only really attempt this if they have a sub 10min regular Helen. Although doing something that requires a little more load and skill can be alluring, it can also end up being easier because people need to rest more during the WOD. Oldest trick in the book, adding more weight to make things ‘harder’ when all it does is just reduce the intensity. Watch out for it 😉

To get a fast time for Helen, you need to do it ALL fast, push the run, then push the swings and pullups some more. It is only 3 rounds so no time for any rest!! This includes the Fitness category.  Choose a weight and ring row height that you can perform unbroken and fast.

Of course, if it is your first time at going Rx’d, give yourself some leeway on the getting everything done unbroken, especially the pullups.


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