04/23/2016 Gymnastics Clinic Today at 1pm and FREE ON RAMP Tomorrow at 11am!!


Becky looking extra flexible!!  It’s not too late to join her at the Gymnastics Clinic TODAY at 1 PM!!  Non-members are welcome to attend.  Cost is $25 payable to Tracy Johnson.  Come learn some key pointers on flexibility, balance and core strength and work on your HANDSTANDS!!–Photo courtesy of Janice Hurley

There will also be a FREE On Ramp Clinic tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 AM!!  Come learn the CrossFit philosophy, Foundational Movements with scaling options and experience our beautiful facility and awesome trainers!  Valued at $200, this is an excellent opportunity to save some cash and get right into the regular CrossFit classes.  Bring a friend or family member along and have a little Sunday FUN!!


As a team of four:
Two People Run 1mile carrying:
KB and MB (16kg KB/14lb MB)
switch as needed

While the other 2 complete relay style AMRAP
5 Burpee
10 ab mat Situps
3 rounds each per set


Use whatever objects you wish, we are suggesting you use a Kettlebell and a Medicine Ball.  Each person running needs to be holding an object that is heavy and awkward.

The 1mile run should take around 10+/-min given the load added, so the other 2 people inside will be working for roughly 10-15min on burpee/situps. They need to perform 3 rounds each at a time.

Score = Time – Total Rounds. Teams are rewarded for running fast and performing a lot of rounds of the AMRAP, so basically — go hard. 😉


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