04/22/2016 Handstands Galore!! Gymnastics Clinic Tomorrow at 1 PM!!


Don and Christina

Coach Sarah

Coach Sarah




8 Toes to Bar
16 Alt Pistols
20 Parallete Lateral Jumps
30 DB Front Squats (45/25lbs)
20 Parallete Lateral Jumps
16 Alt Pistols
8 Toes to Bar
AMRAP 25min

A little chipper style workout turned into an AMRAPs!!  That way, everyone is working out together (#community) and it encourages those who can go a little faster, to get through more work than they may with a regular chipper.

This one is designed for people to get a few rounds. Nothing is so hard that it will stop you from pacing through it consistently.

Use your judgement for the height on the lateral jumps.

Scale the Toes to Bar to Lying Toes to Bar, the Pistols to either assisted or butt-to-box pistols and the Jumps to plate jumps. You can jump over the plate forward, or onto the plate.

Fitness:  For the Bulgarian Squats, have one foot elevated on a box or bench and lunge forward/down. Do 8 on each leg. Use a weight for the squats that you can perform 10+ reps with.


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