04/19/2016 Gymnastics Clinic this Saturday!

Sign up on the whiteboard for the gymnastics clinic this Saturday, April 23rd beginning at 1pm.  Spend a couple of hours learning the importance of flexibility and balance and perfecting your handstand/handstand walking skills!!


Don’t miss the Grand Opening of Mountain Om Yoga on May 20th, 2016 at Indigeny Reserve, 3-7pm.  Come out and see what’s new and exciting in the world of our beloved CFS yogi Kim Cook!


Between Min 0-5 complete:
500m Row
10 Power Cleans (205/125lbs)
20 Pushup

Between Min 5-15 complete:
1km Row
20 Power Cleans
40 Pushups

Between Min 15-20 complete:
500m Row
10 Power Cleans (225/145lbs)
20 Pushup

How this one works is that you have 5min to complete the first amount of work. They you rest the remainder of the 5min. Next you have 10min to complete the second amount of work and they rest the remainder of 10min.  Then you have 5min left to do the last section of work.

Score = time to complete each one added together.

The goal is to get a good amount of rest between each section, and keep your intensity level high during your working period. This will be the case for some people and not for others, depending on how you scale the workout. The weight is the same across the three sections.

RX’d +:  increase the reps AND weight used for the workout.  Your coach will have the rx’d+ weight and rep scheme for you.

Rxd: The weight should be pretty heavy for the Power Cleans. Heavy enough that you can only perform a few reps in a row.

Fitness:  you should be able to perform 5+ reps of the Power Cleans per set.

If needed, scale the pushups to an incline on boxes, benches or plates. No knees, if at all possible!

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