04/16/2016 Don’t Miss MURPH tomorrow @ 9AM!!


“There is no greater love than this. There is no greater gift that can ever be given. To be willing to die, so another might live — there is no greater love than this.”

Don’t miss Summerville High School’s Kurt Bryant’s Senior Project tomorrow at 9am!!  We will do MURPH to honor a fallen American hero.  The workout will be held here at CrossFit Sonora and can be done individually or team style.  All CFS members, family members  and friends are invited to attend!  Please wear your military/camo type WOD clothes and feel free to bring a dish/snack to share for a small post WOD potluck!


2 Deadlift (heavy)
10 DBL KB Russian Swing (16/12kg)
100m Run
10 rounds

When we say go heavy for the Deadlifts, we mean go HEAVY!  Around 85% of your 1RM as an estimating point. But, work up to a lift that you think you will be able to manage for today. Every day is a little different, and some days are just harder than others! It is a total of 20 reps, but with the addition of being fatigued by the KB Swings and running, so be smart about what weight you choose.

Beyond Rx:  you can also sub in a weighted Hip Extension for the DBL KB Swings.   Otherwise, the DBL KB Swing is a similar, but awkward stimulus!

Fitness: We want you to use a slightly lighter load and go for more reps. Grease the groove with your Deadlifts a little.   Choose a load for the Russian Swings (one KB, regular swings) that you can perform all 10 no problem.

***Help CFS support our troops!  CFS member Kristin Roland has placed a box at the front desk for donations to the 3rd Battalion of Ranger Regiment – Afghanistan.  Items needed include protein bars, tuna, salmon (canned or in foil pouches), beef jerky, snack mix, pretzels, wheat thins, cereal/granola bars, hard candy, trail mix, individually packed cookies or crackers, raisins, cranberries, nuts, gum, lifesavers, mints, k-cups, ground coffee, powdered gatorade, dvds that you don’t mind parting with!  Please place your donations in the box or contact Kristin with any questions! kristinprocedo@gmail.com or 650-468-6807***


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