04/12/2016 Step, Jump, Dip

"Couples that WOD together, get HOT together!"-Coach Seth

“Couples that WOD together, get HOT together!”-Coach Seth


10 DB Step Up (20″ + 45/25lbs)
8 Box Jumps (20″)
6 Ring Dips
AMRAP 5min
8 DB Step Up
6 Box Jumps
4 Ring Dips
AMRAP 5min
6 DB Step Up
4 Box Jump
2 Ring Dips
AMRAP 5min

There is no rest between AMRAP’s.

Weighted Step Ups followed by a high Box Jump make for a pretty spicy combo. Add the Ring Dips and now it is even more metabolically challenging. Each 5min the reps decrease, which will allow people to keep the intensity high when they get more fatigued.

Rxd:  You should be able to keep moving the entire time! Ring Dips should be done unbroken for most of the rounds.

Fitness: If you can add some load for the DB Step Ups, then great. Otherwise the option is to omit the DB’s and do step ups, OR do step ups on to two 45lb plates. The same height you are going to jump on would be great logistically, but some of you may be able to step up a little higher than you can jump. If you are unable to jump, then do lunges instead of plate jumps.

***Don’t miss the Gymnastics Clinic Saturday, April 23rd, at 1pm!  Cost is $25 and you can sign up on the whiteboard.  Come work on your handstands, balance and flexibility!!***

***Come join Summerville High School senior Kurt Bryant, on Sunday, April 17th at 9am for MURPH.  This will be his Senior Project and all CFS members, family and friends are encouraged to attend!*** 


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