04/11/2016 It’s Ladies Night Again…ALL DAY!

Crystal's class working on the hallow rock position.

Crystal’s class working hard on their hallow rock positions.



400m Run
15 OH Squats (95/65lbs)
5 Rounds

Don’t forget your WODbook, notebook or myWOD app!!

It’s ‘Ladies’ Night Monday’ again! Another, simple old favourite — Nancy! This workout is all about Running fast and Overhead Squatting fast! Duh, really…… However, for most people, we are only good at one of those things so make sure whichever one it is, you go really hard during that movement!

RX:  This is a light-mod OH Squat for most people. You should have no problem doing all the squats unbroken. You should not have to break them up more than once per set.

Fitness: Same rule applies for the OHS.  Choose a weight that you can perform 10 OH Squats unbroken, or in two sets. We reduced the run so you can keep your intensity high. Scale this up to 300m or 400m if needed!!



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