04/08/2016 Fit for Life

CFS Trainer Crystal briefing athletes before the workout.

CFS Trainer Crystal briefing athletes before the workout.  At CrossFit Sonora, you are never alone to “figure out” what to do each day.  The programming is written for you and you have a trainer to assist you in meeting your personal goals.  Athletes are expected to work hard, work safely, keep track of their daily workouts and have FUN!  CFS Coaches will ensure good mechanics and attempt to create proper movement patterns that last throughout the lifetime.  Fitness with longevity is our number one priority, and that means lifting, moving and working out with joint and musculoskeletal safety in mind. -Photo courtesy of Janice Hurley


Row 250m
20 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
5 Squat Snatch (185/115lbs)
5 Rounds

A great mono, light weight, heavy weight combo. Distance and reps are set low so that intensity can remain relatively high. The limiting factor will definitely be the Snatch.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: Each round should take around 3-4min, the later rounds might be a little slower due to fatigue. The load on the Snatch should be so that you can perform the first few sets unbroken or at a pick-up-drop-repeat pace.

Fitness: focus on a Power Snatch movement for this workout. If you can perform an OH Squat no problem, you can Power Snatch + OH Squat. Choose a weight that you can comfortably perform 5 reps with. For the Wall Ball, you should be able to do at least 10 in a row on the first few sets with the ball you use.

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