04/07/2016 Mark Your Calendars!!

Join us for the gymnastics clinic on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 1pm-3:30pm.  Cost is $25 for 1.5 hour of invaluable instruction and fun!  Come perfect your handstands!!

Summerville High Senior Kurt Bryant’s Sr. Project MURPH workout will now be held on SUNDAY, April 17th.  Please bring your CFS family and friends to participate.  You can do the workout individually or as a team.  Kurt asks that you wear military type or camo clothes.  This will be a fun day with Kurt leading our class for his project!!  If any CFS members would like to bring a dish to share, we will hold a potluck afterwards!

Welcome new CFS members Kristina and Jamie!

Welcome new CFS members Kristina and Jamie!


Min 1: KB Swing (24/16kg)
Min 2: Pushups
Min 3: KB Walking Lunges
3 Rounds

The aim is to try hold the same number of reps across all three sets. For some people this won’t be hard, but for others who are used to going out hard and tapering off in workouts, this might be a challenge.

Push that first set but don’t go TOO hard. You want to have a goal to hit each round that is achievable, yet really challenging!

How it works; Let’s say I get 40 swings + 40 pushups + 40 walking lunges in my first set, then those are the numbers I am going to shoot for in the second and third set.  There will be something very special for those that can maintain their numbers!!

For scaling options, the KB load should be so that you can keep swinging it for a minute. It will get heavy toward the end but you shouldn’t need to put it down.

Scale pushups to an elevated object like a box or bench, or even wall. No kneeling pushups today.

The walking lunges are performed with the KB held into the chest, goblet style.


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