04/04/2016 Benchmark Girl Diane

Working on the 7 Steps of the Turkish Get Up

Working on the 7 Steps of the Turkish Get Up

Get out your WODbooks or MyWOD app on your phones to compare/record your Diane results!!  Take charge of your fitness NOW by tracking your results.  


Deadlift (225/155lbs)


Every Monday in April is going to be dedicated to the Ladies!  Oh yes it’s Ladies Night! (all day, every Monday).  The first workout of ‘Ladies’ Night Mondays!’ — Diane, a fast favorite. The times people can get on this workout these days are crazy! Dan Bailey got around 1min 40sec at the Regionals a few years back!!!?!

This workout is really all about how fast you can do the HSPU’s. For most top athletes the Deadlift is really light so it comes down to the HSPU’s. If you know you can do big sets and not fatigue, great!  Others might need to strategize a little better and pick a number for the HSPU’s, and even Deadlifts, and stick with those throughout the whole workout.

Rxd: You guys should be aiming for around 5min. These movements should be done either unbroken or relatively close to it.

Fitness: Similar to the Rxd category,  choose a load for both the Deadlift and the Press that you can go with big sets. This doesn’t mean it is easy!  You need to fight for those reps!!


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