03/30/2016 The OPEN has Officially CLOSED!


Congrats to all of our 55 CFS athletes that completed the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN!

CFS is proud of our 55 athletes that registered for the 2016 OPEN.  Strong work everyone!!  We conquered some new skills, set some new PR’s and developed a ton of confidence!

Jeff Berger, Carly Lucchesi, Cheryl Peterson, Chance Hildreth, John Slater, John Berg, Shad Flores, Grant Miller, Will McDonald, Travis James, Suzanne Martinez, Don Wells, Jason Diestel, Viney Anand, Alex Abarca, Emily Harden, Seth Martinez, Uly Salas, Matt Lora, Mike Hildebrand, Sara Burgess, Bobbie Miller, Nic Peterson, Amie Wyckoff, Becky Niven, Jake Lucchesi, Jason Rivera, Jennifer Moran, Karen Creekmore, Shannon Hildebrand, Kyrstyn Patton, Ellen Klein, Melissa Rogers, Karen McGettigan, Kaitlin Andrews, Romel Cuellar, Kevin Bolter, Chris Rudd, Michelle Ronning, Ann Thompson, Dallas Andrews, Jeanne Duffer, Amelia Hyde, Tammy Ennis, Kristin Roland, Mathea Salas, LeAnne Ryan, Amber Schone, Kellie Fenger, Trisha Garcia, Jeremiah Hyde, Aubrey Modrell, Mike O’Brien, and Shelly Verducci


Max 1km Row
Rest 3min
Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)
Rest 3min
Max 500m Row
Rest 2min
Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)
Rest 2min
Max 250m Row
Rest 1min
Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)
* Without putting BB down.

The word ‘Max’ in today’s workout for the Row means as fast as possible and for the Front Squats as many reps in one set as possible.

Make sure you are putting in maximum effort, especially with those Front Squats. There will definitely be moments where you think you have done enough reps or that you can’t do one more, but unless you cannot stand up the squat, you will still have a few more reps left in you.

The load should be set so that at least 20+ reps in the first set will be achievable.

For the Fitness Crowd: We will have a set number of 20 reps to take the guess work out of this for you. Ideally these 20 reps should be unbroken if at all possible!  It’s a great goal to aim for.


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