03/28/2016 Happy Monday!


Michele looking solid in the bottom position of a kb swing.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Today we have a little strength planned and a fun WOD to build up those gymnastics skills.  Use today to work on your dip and pushup strength. This will cross over for bodyweight gymnastics strength in the long run.  If you are unable to do strict or weighted dips, you will do weighted negative lowers.  Although using bands for this portion will be allowed, keep in mind, the bands change the stimulus of the workout, by allowing you to “bounce”.

If you aren’t strong enough to hold the L-sit, use a tuck position, (or extend on leg out to make it more challenging), for as long as possible for the 5 x max holds.


Part 1:

Strict or Weighted Dip
5 x Max Hold

Part 2:

Buddy Cindy!
5 Pullup
10 Pushup
15 Squats
* 1 rnd each at a time
AMRAP 20min

Surprise!!  Coach Jenn had a nice little chipper in store for the Saturday class and today we will perform Buddy Cindy!  YAY! 😉  They do one round, you do one round. Enough time to catch your breath, shake your arms out and then go again!  This should be an all out sprint!  You will have time to rest after you complete your round, while your partner is completing their round…


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