03/24/2016 FAST and Furious



Perform 3 x 1 Deadlift
Perform 3 x 1 Snatch
Perform AMRAP
10 Deadlift (135/95lbs)
5 Snatch


Heavy and heavy mixed with a short little light/heavy 5min metcon at the end.

The way the workout is designed is that you have 5min to find 3 x heavy 1rep Deadlift and then 5min to find 3 x heavy 1 rep Snatch. The last 5min is an AMRAP. (This means balls to the wall)  If you aren’t flat on your back after this, then you’ve done it wrong..5min is not really a long time to get 3 heavy lifts in, so you should be prepared with what you want to lift and work out a work/rest strategy that is going to maximize your lifts.**The barbell must be empty when you start the timer.**

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: you can have as many attempts as you’d like at the lifts, but you will only count the top 3 lifts. It would be beneficial to try to only do a max of 3 or 4 lifts in the whole 5 min. Failed attempts don’t count but definitely cause the same amount of fatigue as a successful lift, so you want to be conservative for at least the first 2 lifts and then go all out for the third.  The load for the AMRAP at the end is designed to be moderately heavy. You should be able to Power Snatch at least the first set of 5 unbroken. From there it might be broken into two sets per round. Scale the load as needed.

For both the lifts and metcon, the Snatch can be Power or Squat Snatch. We suggest Squatting for the lifts and using Power for the metcon.  We will use the majority of the workout prep/SWOD to help you figure out where you want to start with your lifts.

Fitness Level:  work less on max load and more on some stamina. We encourage you to attempt 3 reps every minute, so your volume is a bit higher, but your score will be lower (compared to beyond rxd and rxd).  For the AMRAP, choose a weight that you can pretty consistently rep out 5 unbroken.

**Score = 3 Heaviest Deadlift lifts + 3 Heaviest Snatch lifts + Couplet reps.**


“The above quote and entire CrossFit Journal article by Seminar Staff member James Hobart, makes me happy.
People have a natural tendency to get bored and try to improve or change things up, especially when they do them day in and day out. But this is not always for the better.
A nightmare I have is that we, as a community, will seek to improve or entertain ourselves so far down a rabbit-hole (with) volume away from the supremely effective tenants that got us here. (functional-varied-intense) that we eventually end up with someone else teaching us what we used to say and everyone buzzing about how brilliantly it works.
We will be left with our proverbial dicks in our hands thinking “but wait, we said & did that ages ago”. Yes, we did, but we lost our way.
So “…a single daily dose of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”. Yes, please.
One workout a day done with a deliberate focus on intensity is most effective for the 99.9% of clients not looking to win “multi-event, multi-day” competitions #gofigure
Further, follow the volume-over-intensity game to its end and we are back in the darkness we came from… long stints in the gym at low to moderate intensity with mediocre results. No, thank you.“-CrossFit HQ Director of Training and Certification, Nicole Carroll


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