03/23/2016 Don’t Miss the Gymnastics Clinic!

Don’t miss our Gymnastics Clinic this SATURDAY 3/26 at 1pm-3:30pm.  (class size is limited so sign up on the whiteboard today!)  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to take this fundamental clinic, now is your chance!  Tracy Johnson, gymnastics coach, will show you basic balance movements, flexibility and conditioning exercises, along with some fundamental strength development, and most of all…SHE WILL PERFECT YOUR HANDSTAND!!!  Cost is $25.

Bonnie drops it like a squat!!

Bonnie drops it like a squat!!


KB Swing (24/16kg)

1 – 25
Back Squat (115/75lbs)

The way this wod works: 25 KB Swings/1 Back Squat, 24 KB Swings/2 Back Squat and so on…

The load for the KB should be manageable. You should be able to do each set of Swings unbroken every time. IF necessary, scale the load so this is achievable.

The Back Squats are ideally taken from the rack. If needed we can partner up,  if not make sure you know how to safely lower the weight onto your backs!  (Think power clean, push press to an overhead position and then lower the load to your back.)  The load shouldn’t be too heavy that this will be an issue, but we have seen some silly things when people get tired and are trying to go fast!

The load will feel light for the first half of the workout until the reps start creeping up into the teens, then it will start to get a little hard. Focus on trying to do it all unbroken from start to finish!!  Challenge yourself and forge some mental toughness!

For the Fitness Crowd: We will drop the rounds to 20. This should be a great goal for most people, especially if you scale the load appropriately. For our athletes who are really new, scale the kb swing to a Russian Swing. An empty Barbell will probably be the appropriate weight and also make it slightly easier to transition the load onto your backs between sets.  Eventually the sore spot on your back will toughen up and you won’t experience the tenderness when you back squat.


**This Friday will be our LAST Open workout!  Who knows what the Mothership has in store for us for 16.5?! Don’t forget to join us after the 5:30pm class for food, drinks, and celebration!  Let’s close up the OPEN season with a BANG!  Don’t forget to bring a snack to share and your pompoms to cheer everyone on!

**PARENTS:  please talk with your children about proper parking lot etiquitte.  We received a complaint from a neighbor that there were kids climbing the trees/large rocks outside and also throwing rocks in the parking lot!  There have also been our mobility balls found out in the flower beds, small trash items and bark kicked out of the flower beds.  We understand that it’s quite a handful to manage the kids and focus on the work out too, however the trainers are busy with clients and are unable to supervise them at all times.  Please be mindful of what the kids are doing.  We ask that the kids stay behind the black wall during class times and do not come into the workout area.  The kids are so awesome about following the rules when they are enforced consistently!!

**Don’t forget YOGA tomorrow at 11:45am immediately following the 10:30 am WOD!!




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