03/15/2016 Agility Work Today and Dinner for Matt Tonight!


Don’t forget to come by the Peppery tonight at 6:30pm to say goodbye to Coach Matt!  We wish him luck in his new position in the Bay Area!  


2 x shuttle Run
200m Run
10 Power Clean (155/115lbs)
AMRAP 15min

1 Shuttle Run rep = 1 x 10m run + 1 x 20m run + 1 x 30m run. Touching the ground at each cone.

We don’t do a lot of direction changing in CrossFit, doing shuttle runs is an easy way to incorporate some of this into the program.  This is the definition of agility, changing directions quickly.  Focus on doing the shuttles fast, taking the 200m runs moderately and hitting the Power Cleans hard.

Use a load that you can do at least 5 reps unbroken on the first few rounds or even all the rounds. 5 + Rounds is definitely achievable for top performers.


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