03/14/2016 MORE Bar Muscle Ups?! and Farewell Coach Matt!

Tuesday Night 6:30pm Dinner at the Peppery to say farewell to Coach Matthew Lora!  Matt has accepted a new job in the Bay Area and will no longer be with us.  We wish him the best of luck in all his career endeavors!

psssssst…wanna know the secret to getting better at Bar Muscle Ups??





Bar Muscle Up


Weighted Hip Extension (15/10lbs)

For Clarity, the workout is 5 rounds. You perform 10 Muscle Ups, then 20 Hip Extensions, 8 Muscle Ups, then 18 Hip Extension and so on.

For most people, the limiting movement will be the Bar Muscle Ups and being able to string them together. For those who have multiple Bar Muscle Ups, this workout will probably take around 6-8min. For most people, allow up to 10-12min.

For those doing weighted Hip Extensions, hold the plate against your chest. If you don’t do hip extensions, do weighted good mornings for the fitness category and Rx’d and Beyond Rx’d may perform Heavy Double Russian KB Swings for some extra oooomph!!

Beyond Rxd: This should be a quick workout for the top performers. Don’t make anything harder, just GO FASTER! If you would like to sub in the Russian Swings for the Hip Extensions, make sure to use two 24/16kgs KettleBells.

For those who don’t have Bar Muscle Ups or only have a few, do as many as you can then do Jumping Muscle Ups. You can make these more challenging by having the bar be a little higher to make jumping harder, forcing yourself to pull more with your arms.

REMINDER:  Classes are extremely full lately which we love, HOWEVER for safety reasons we ask that ALL CHILDREN remain behind the wall during class times.   We have had a few near misses with flying barbells and spinning jump ropes lately.  Please do not allow your children to be on the mats, climb the structure and box jumps during class times.  Between class times the kids are welcome to play, climb the ropes, and have fun in the gym.


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