03/08/2016 CFT’s Were A Hit!


Kellie looking strong with a solid back squat position.

Kellie looking strong with a solid back squat position.

Some pretty impressive PRs were seen during the CF Totals yesterday!  Strong work and great job to all who braved the rainy weather to do some heavy lifting, including our brand new people just out of their on ramp program!


20 Ring Dips
Accumulate 90sec ring hold
20 Burpee plate Jumps
Accumulate 90sec plank hold
3 Rounds

Today is another longer workout. The additional time is going to happen for most people during the holds. Most people won’t be able to do the holds in one unbroken set. Especially since they will be pre-fatigued from the movement done prior to the hold (which is the point). So while the actual workload is not huge, the total time of the workout will be.

For the Burpee Plate Jumps,  jump onto a 45lb plate. For the plank Holds, the standard is hands on the ground and the scale is to elbows.

Body weight ninja’s should be able to get through this workout pretty quickly, but others (most people) will get slowed down by the ring dips and holds. Attempt to do the holds unbroken or with just one break.  If needed, scale the ring dips to bands, but try to not use thick bands, they change the movement, especially at the top position at the lock out. If you need a thicker band then do box dips instead. Box Dips can be made harder by elevating the feet onto another box/plate or bench.


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