03/07/2016 CrossFit Totals 2016 and YOGA Tonight!

Happy Anniversary to Nic and Cheryl yesterday!

Happy Anniversary to Nic and Cheryl yesterday!


CrossFit Total

1RM Back Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

Always a good fun day when doing the Totals! A great OG lifting benchmark day to test all three of these lifts. Make sure you don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a new PR!  Simply think of this as establishing a new base for further GAINS!  We last did our Totals in December 2015, but with the new programming it’ll be a great opportunity to start fresh and get a good idea of where you are.

We will perform the Back Squat first, followed by the Press and then the Deadlift.  Logistically, your barbells will already be up on the racks.  Work in pairs or threes and push yourselves on these big lifts!

Ideally you want to allocate most of the session to the lifts, so the warm up will be very brief and sharp to get you a little sweaty.

Once you have finished your warm up sets, you only have 3 attempts at each lift. This adds a little bit of strategizing into the mix since some people may start a little low and not have enough lifts left to max out!

Just like a Lifting Competition, make the first lift a safe but heavy one, the second lift you take a small risk, so that if you miss it, you have another attempt at it.

For all of our new members, attempt the three lift maximum, focusing on good form!  Stay positive and have fun with this.  It will only come around a couple times a year!

Don’t forget post-CFTOTALS YOGA tonight at 6:45pm!!  Stretch out those hard working muscles and find your assist your inner athlete with some relaxation and restoration!12376730_1505657646429814_4498485364064913445_n 12728927_1533077440354501_108246445576585306_n



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