03-03-2016 16.2 Announced Tonight at 5pm!

Jeff hit 16.1 last week and turned in a strong performance.

Jeff hit 16.1 last week and turned in a strong performance.

Join Coach Carly tonight at the gym at 5pm for the 16.2 Announcement LIVE on the big screen!  Tomorrow will be our Friday Night Lights event with our guests from CrossFit Oakdale at 6:30pm.  (All regular classes will be performing 16.2 tomorrow, just in case you aren’t able to attend.) Come help us welcome all the OPEN athletes, have snacks and drinks (please bring some to share), and spread some OPEN cheer!


Part 1:
Find a heavy 1RM
Clean and Jerk

Part 2:

Shoulder to Overhead (135/95lbs)

Power Cleans

Use today to really drill the Clean and Jerk. The majority of the session will be dedicated to practicing positions and getting comfortable with the two movements.

The Clean is going to be warmed up as a squat clean, but if you want to Power Clean for your 1RM that’s perfectly okay.

Make sure you understand that your 1RM you get today is TODAY’S 1RM…Some people might be able to max out their lift, while others might not get close to it and that is ok!

Part 2 is FAST, shouldn’t take longer than 5min. Let’s hit that anaerobic pathway.  The Shoulder to Overhead can be a Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk. The load that it is prescribed at should only call for Push Press and Push Jerk though. The Power Cleans will be quick!

For Fitness, RX and RX+ categories,  choose a load that you can get close to doing each round unbroken, or only a few sets per round. Base this mostly on the Shoulder to Overhead as this is usually the limiting factor for most people.


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