03/01/2016 Lift Heavy Stuff



Part 1:

3 deadlifts
EMOM 10min

Part 2:

10 Deadlift (60% of emom weight)
10 Pushup
AMRAP 10min

For Part 1,  find a heavy 3 rep during the prep work that you think you can hold for 30 reps over the 10min. (3 reps per minute).  They DON’T need to be done unbroken.   However, keep in mind, sometimes having to go from a dead start for three reps takes more energy than tapping and going three reps. It is up to you, just make sure it is heavy!

For Part 2, use  60% as a guide to finding the right weight for the Deadlifts. To clarify, this is intended to be 60% of the load you just used for Part 1. The load should feel light enough to always be able to do 10 in a row but challenging enough so that the last 2-3 reps of each set are uncomfortable, especially after a few rounds.  If needed, scale the pushups to elevated hands on a box or a bench first, then to knees.  A round per minute,  plus change is definitely do able for the pushup ninjas out there.  For you fitness folks, challenge yourselves today on Part 1. Stay within safe boundaries but push the envelope on those Deadlifts.  Aim for 5-7 rounds


Welcome new CFS member Ally, who joins us from CrossFit Merced


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