02/23/2016 Let’s Work on Those Snatches


Welcome new CFS member Kellie!


30 snatch (75/45lbs)
200m run
20 snatch (95/75lbs)
200m run
10 snatch (135/85lbs)
200m run
amrap snatch (165/115lbs)
As far as possible in 20min

We really think you guys are going to enjoy this one! Similar layout to the 2013 Open Snatch/Burpee workout but with running. You have 20min to see how far you can get into the snatches. The runs won’t take very long and most people will probably use them as a small break for their arms. The workout is really about the Snatches.

The Snatch can be done as a Power Snatch or a Squat Snatch. This way, you can ‘Power’ through those early rounds and use a Squat if you need to in the later rounds.

You need to use one barbell for the workout, so get your weights prepped near your barbells to add/remove etc.



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