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For those on Facebook, please like and follow the Mountain Om Yoga Facebook Page!  Stay up to date with Kim Cook’s Mountain Om Yoga announcements, news and current events!  And don’t miss this coming Sunday’s Dragoon Gulch 5 K!  Starts at 8 am!  Mountain Om Yoga will present the pre and post race stretch period.



Karl gettin low in the back squat position.

Karl gettin low in the back squat position.


Part 1
Weighted or Strict Pullup
1 x Max Set Weighted Pullup

Weighted Gymnastics movements are often overlooked in programming, but we like to throw them in occasionally because we feel they are just as valuable as heavy barbell movements. The easiest way to add weight to the pullup is to slide a dumbbell between your thighs, using your ankles (bent) to help secure it in place while doing the pullup.

For the max set load use around 50% of their last set of 1 rep, or something they think they can get 8+ reps for. The goal is to get as many pullups without breaking or coming off the pullup bar as possible.  For people not able to add weight to their pullup, have the max set be doing kipping pullups with or without a band.

Part 2:

100 Double Unders
10  Muscle Ups

Because the Double Unders and Muscle Ups aren’t the focus for the workout today, we haven’t included much practice time for them in the warm up.  But nonetheless, here are some Open-type movements to practice.  Try to do as big of sets as possible as you can on both the Double Unders and Muscle Ups. It will be a great experiment to see where you are at with those movements and where your breaking point is.  Scale the Muscle Ups to bar Muscle Ups or transitions if needed.  Make sure that you find something that challenges you during Part 1. It is easy for athletes to not try hard when they are faced with movements that seem so far away from their abilities, like pullups and muscle ups.


Beginning Monday Feb. 29th…

Monday 11:45am-12:45pm (immediately following the 10:30 am WOD)

Monday 6:45pm-7:45pm

Wednesday 11:45am-12:45pm

Saturday 10:15am-11:15am (immediately following the 9 am WOD)


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:30pm-8:00pm!  Get in to make up a WOD you missed, practice skills or work on your least favorite movements!


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