02/08/2016 Moving Under Heavy Loads!


warming up the shoulders before our 50 m max overhead barbell walks

warming up the shoulders before our 50 m max overhead barbell walks


1 Squat Clean
Every 30sec
rest 2min
1 Squat Clean
1 Power Clean
Every 30sec

Workouts like these are a great opportunity to get some lifting volume under a bit of load. Performing one rep every 30sec is enough to start feeling some fatigue, but also gives them enough time to re-set and make each lift look and feel really good.  Be ready for lots of warm up and work out prep with skills and a bit of strength prior to the workout.


There will be a Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for Steve Hankins, husband of CFS member Kristen Hankins, on Saturday February 20th at the Tuolumne Park 10 am-sundown!! $20 Spaghetti Dinner with soup, salad and bread and all proceeds will go towards Steve’s battle against cancer. Steve and Kristen are the owners of Ultimate Tan Company and have lived here in Sonora since 1975. In March of 2015, Steve developed a cancerous tumor in his head and neck. Steve and his family have been doing integrative therapy in Reno which is not covered by his insurance and each visit costs thousands of dollars out of pocket. Please join us for this benefit fundraiser!! For more information, please call Joey Hankins 209-559-1413

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2016 CrossFit OPEN!  Be part of something BIG and WORLDWIDE…Get out of your comfort zone and register for the 2016 CF Games OPEN! We already have some CFS members who have registered to be part of this awesome community of fitness. Register TODAY by clicking the link. You can also be part of the action by taking the Online Judges Course. Count reps and judge movement standards for your fellow athletes and be part of the OPEN action! CFS will be performing the OPEN workouts on Fridays.


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