02/04/2016 Get Out of That Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone and register for the 2016 CF Games OPEN!  We already have some CFS members who have registered to be part of this awesome community of fitness.  Register TODAY by clicking the link.  You can also be part of the action by taking the Online Judges Course.  Count reps and judge movement standards for your fellow athletes and be part of the OPEN action!  CFS will be performing the OPEN workouts on Fridays.



2 Front Squat
EMOM add 10lbs
until you can’t go up any more
*Goal is 10min
rest 2min

5 Front Squat @ 60% of your
highest load of 2 reps
EMOM 10min

Loads of Front Squats! The first part of the workout is a little different because it forces you to add weight in a certain amount of lbs each round. This is great for something different, as it forces you to lift out of your regular ‘sequence’ of how you would normally add weight.  It also means you increase in weight a little faster than you might like, putting you out of your comfort zone. Make sure you are both challenging yourself and are smart about what load you start on.  Aim for 10 minutes.

For the second part of the workout, take roughly 60% of your last load and work off that. Remember, the percentage is just a guide, if you don’t think you can get 5 reps unbroken within the minute for 10min then lighten the load to something that is going to be manageable.

Part one will be done from a rack and part two from the ground. You can partner/threesome up with people of similar strengths and work together for the first part!

LeeAnn, Aubrey and Kaitlin are all ready for the OPEN!  Are YOU?!

LeeAnn, Aubrey and Kaitlin are all ready for the OPEN! Are YOU?!


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