02/03/2016 What’s the OPEN?


Basically the CrossFit Games is the Super Bowl of CrossFit.  (The Games are held in Carson, CA each July.)   Instead of having to be drafted onto some team, the CrossFit Games are open for anyone!!  You just register online, for $20.  There are about 130,000 people that register to compete in the Open. Normal, average everyday people, and elite athletes alike are in it to enjoy the hard work and community that CrossFit breeds. There is a scaled category for all of us weekend warrior athletes, masters categories for us silver fox athletes, and RX’d for us hardcore elitists.  The road to the CrossFit Games starts with the 2016 CrossFit Open. It is 5 weeks long, with one workout announced each week on Thursday.  You have from the time the workout is announced on Thursday at 5 pm to Monday at 5 pm to perform the workout and submit your score online.  Each workout will need to be witnessed by a Judge.  Several of our trainers will be certified Judges and can help you validate your workout.  (Members can also complete the online Judges Course for $10, if you’d like to help judge workouts)  This year CFS will perform all the OPEN workouts on Friday during normal class times AND we will also host some super fun Friday night events to do the workouts and hang out and chill afterward!  (Think potluck and beers with your wod buddies!)   If you can’t get your OPEN workout done on Friday, we are happy to assist you in getting it done on Saturday, Sunday or even Monday before 5 pm.  The OPEN is a big deal and we want our members to be successful!  Last year we had 20 athletes register for the Open, let’s beat that this year!  It isn’t about submitting a winning score or beating anyone else…it’s about celebrating our community and all of the hard work you do each and everyday you come to the gym.  Let’s get pumped up and be a part of something BIG!!  Click the above links to REGISTER TODAY!


Open Schedule

16.1: Feb. 25 – 29
16.2: March 3 – 7  (Stay tuned for some special fun at CFS, March 4th!)
16.3: March 10 – 14 (Maybe a CF Field Trip today,  March 11th?!)
16.4 March 17 – 21
16.5 March 24 – 28



100 double unders

400m run

50 DB Snatch (45/25lbs)

400m run

50 DB Snatch

400m run

100 double under

A good metabolic blend of double unders, running and DB Snatches. Simple and straightforward, the only reason people will need to rest is because they are breathing hard. The load on the DB Snatches should be so that you can keep plugging away rep after rep.  For the DB Snatches, the DB needs to touch the ground for each rep and should be done alternating arms.

If you are unable to do more than 20 unbroken double under reps in a row, we will suggest a scale for you, otherwise you will spend too long on the double unders, and we need to keep up that intensity level and heart rate!

The workout should take around 20-25min.  THERE WILL BE A 25 MIN TIME CAP.  So we encourage you to scale appropriately.


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