01/30/2016 Happy Saturday! Enjoy the Wet Weather by Staying INSIDE today!

The crowd gathers at the Gaza fundraiser.

The crowd gathers at the Gaza fundraiser.


1km Row
50 Wall ball (20/14lbs)
40 Box jumps (24/20”)
30 Ring Pushups
40 KB Swing (24/16kgs)
50 MB Clean
1km Row

Last workout of the month AND last workout of the Fitness Testing series.

This is the longest of the Benchmark workouts, for most people, over 20min. It is a great mix of Cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina (amongst other things).

There are a lot of moving parts in this workout, therefore logistically it is going to take some time to get everyone set up with equipment and space.

Nothing should be hard enough so that you can’t keep moving through at a good pace. Don’t go too hard on the first row, find a good pace and try hold it. Go all out on the last row! For the rest of the workout, short rests then go again. This goes for all categories. The limiting movement for beyond rxd and rxd will most likely be the ring pushup since they are a little more skilled. Otherwise, everything else just requires a lot of breathing to get through it.


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