01/25/2016 Honoring Luc

So blessed to be able to honor Major Lucas Gruenther yesterday at the Gaza hero workout!   There were at total of 127 athletes that completed the workout.  11 individuals and 30 teams celebrated the legacy of Luc.  A great time was had by all!  Special thanks to Luc’s family, Joe, Romel, Chance, Cassy and Serene for coming to share the love of Luc and speak at our event.  



Part 1:
Back Squat with 3sec pause
3 x 5
Muscle Up
3 x max set

Part 2:
20 Back Squats at BW
10 Muscle Ups

We usually rely a little on the stretch/reflex action to come out of the bottom of the squat. Incorporating some ‘pause’ at the bottom of a squat helps us to build more strength in that bottom position.


One thought on “01/25/2016 Honoring Luc

  1. Twice in the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to learn more and practice the muscle up progression in class. I’m loving it!!! Makes the ever elusive muscle up seem POSSIBLE !!!

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