01/15/2015 Shoulder Smoker!


Insert your photo here ^^^^^ and see what you’re missing at 6 am!!

Part 1:

Max Weight OH Barbell Walk 50m

If you haven’t tried doing the OH Barbell Walks, it is fun! The only catch is that you have to be able to clean and jerk the weight overhead before you can walk with it.

Part 2:

20 hspu
800m run

This is intended to be a pretty quick little finisher. Your overhead position may be a little fatigued from the OH walks but you should still be able to perform the whole workout around 6min.

Don’t forget to bring in any raffle prize donations you may have gotten for our Gaza Fundraiser on 1/24!

We will also be hosting a FREE On Ramp Workshop for Beginners on Sunday 1/17 12pm-3pm for anyone interested in learning CrossFit basics and foundational movements in a low key, relaxed atmosphere.  There will be coaches on hand to help guide and accommodate any athletic level and a few experienced members to help us demonstrate and cheer on our newbies!  Call or text Shannon at 209-608-6696 with any questions.



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