01/14/2016 Strong Work Coach!


Coach Carly and her fam-bam (hubby Jake, littles Tony and Jayden)  are all smiles post Sac Town Throwdown during the Fitness Expo last weekend.  Carly and her teammates from CrossFit Bios competed in a 10 event, 2 day competition and their stellar performance was an awesome thing to see!


6 rounds

21 Air squats
15 Box jumps (20″)
250m row
rest 1min

Aim to hit each round efficiently and consistently, so that you can try maintain the same pace over the 6 rounds. Use the 1min rest to get your heart rate down by focusing on your breathing.

For everyone, scale the box jumps/step ups to a height that you can perform 15 reps unbroken for each round. Jump up/step down is fine,  as long as the transition between each rep is quick.

ATTN CFS MEMBERS:  We are currently seeking donations of raffle prizes for our GAZA fundraiser.  If you, a friend, family member or employer would like to donate a raffle prize please bring it to the office and the donor’s name will be placed on our sponsorship signs that will be placed around the gym during the fundraiser!

Start forming your teams and sign up to participate!  Flyers and registration forms are available at the gym or by emailing cfsonora@gmail.com!



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