01/13/2016 Fitness Test Day 2


Great job to those who performed the brutal lunge workout yesterday!  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, January 24th,2016. 12-5pm for the Major Lucas “GAZA” Gruenther Legacy Foundation fundraiser.  We will be doing the CrossFit workout as a TEAM.  In teams of 4, athletes will partition the work accordingly.  Teams may be all men, all women, or mixed.  All athletic abilities will be accommodated with scaling options.  Cost is $40 per team.  Individuals may also perform the workout, but teams are encouraged:) Registration sheets are available at the gym or by emailing cfsonora@gmail.com!  This will be a fun opportunity to honor our own hometown hero.  For questions contact Shannon at 209-608-6696 or Jenn at 209-352-2513.  There will be food, raffle tickets and t shirts available for purchase.  All proceeds will benefit the Major Lucas Gruenther Legacy Foundation.


Max Pushup
1RM Back Squat

This is Day 2 of the Fitness Testing series!  Make sure you are writing this stuff down…The Pushup, much like the Pullup, it is another simple gymnastics movement that reflects strength and stamina produced by our own bodyweight.

The Back Squat is the pinnacle of our single modality weightlifting tests. Strength in this lift serves as the base to all other lifts and lays the foundation for being able to increase your submaximal loads over multiple reps, which equals more of lifting large loads, longer distances quickly!

During the warm up period we will focus primarily on getting good shoulder and hip mobility.  We will make sure you are moving well in the squat position before you attempt your 1 rep max.


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