01/11/2016 The Jerk Snatcher and Gaza 1/24!

our most recent CFS family photo...if you aren't in this...you really should be!  This is just a tiny piece:)

our most recent CFS family photo…if you aren’t in this…you really should be! This is just a tiny piece:)


Max pullups 2-3 attempts, with complete rest between sets (approx 3 minutes)

“The Jerk Snatcher”
20 clean and Jerk
20 Snatch

“The pullup is one of the most commonly used gymnastics movements we use in CrossFit. It is also a great test of pulling strength and power, making it a great single modality test tool to use when collecting data on our fitness levels.

‘The Jerk Snatcher’ is the first Benchmark workout in our series. Cycling a barbell at a moderate load for a short duration is a simple test in stamina, strength, speed and coordination, to name a few. Seeing improvements here over time will be a direct correlation to your overall fitness and area under the power curve.”

We will focus on a nice long warm up, mobility and skills.  We will incorporate pull-up, power clean and jerk and snatch drills prior to the workout and get you good and ready for your Monday RockStar Athlete debut!


Don’t forget our benefit Hero WOD for our hometown hero, Major Lucas Gruenther on Sunday, January 24th, 2016.  12p-5p.  Lucas’ family will be here to help us honor him with a Team Style workout.  Get your team together and get registered today!  In teams of 4, (men/women/or mixed) we will complete the GAZA workout.  GAZA consists of 5 rounds: 35 kb swings, 30 push ups, 25 pull-ups, 20 box jumps, 1 mile run.  Teams may partition the work however they choose, as long as each member performs some of the work.  Scaling options will be available for all fitness levels.  Sign up sheets are available at the gym or let us know and we can send them via email!  Cost is $40 per team.  If you don’t have a team, but would like to do the workout, LET US KNOW!  We will find you some super-fun, able-bodied people to buddy up with!


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