01/09/2016 Good Luck Coach Carly!


Send your thoughts and positive vibes to Coach Carly as she competes in the Sac Town Throw Down this weekend!! We know you will do awesome!


100 squat cleans (65/45lbs)
every minute perform
3 burpees

This workout will start to become very mental after about 50-60 reps. It might feel like you are only getting a few reps done each minute before you need to do more burpees! Find a number you know you can hit each minute when this happens and no matter what, get that number!  The load should be so that doing 10 in a row, especially when you are fresh is no problem.  The workout starts with 3 burpees.  Have fun and don’t blow your wod!

Learn to Protect Yourself Now!

Popke’s Weapons Training School will be hosting a CCW class this Saturday at CrossFit Sonora.  Sat January 23rd, is Women’s Self Defense Class at Soulsbyville Elementary. Sat February 27th, they will offer a Women and Handguns Workshop at CFS.  Please log on to their website www.weaponstrainingschool.com for more information and registration!  These classes are by registration only!


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