Coach Matt havin’ a little fun on the parallettes.


Shoulder press


Consider the following…

To make serious muscular gains, you must challenge your body to seek its growth potential.  Muscle responds to stress and adjusts itself accordingly during a workout and after.  So to keep the physical landscape of your body ever-expanding, keep rest to about 60 seconds-2 minutes between sets. This will not allow the full recovery of muscle groups, thus causing the muscle to utilize deeper fibers to deal with the weight load.  It will insure a constant pump in the targeted muscle group, allowing proper expansion—and eventually, repair, which builds more muscle—in the right places.

When it comes to rep numbers, it all depends on your training goals…you do singles, doubles, and triples for power; sets of four, five, or six for strength; eight to twelve reps for hypertrophy; and sets of fifteen or more for endurance.  This SWOD will mix it up slightly, by taking us from building strength to working towards hypertrophy, which when it comes to muscle, is a GOOD thing! 


10 RFT

1 Power Clean (155/105#)

30 seconds of Max Rep Push Ups

10 Bar Facing Burpees



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