12/22/2015 Deadlift Day-Check Out the Holiday Schedule!

Christmas Holiday Schedule

MON TUES WED normal schedule

Thurs-CHRISTMAS EVE 9/10:30 AM ONLY Pajama WOD

Christmas Day-CLOSED



CrossFit Sonora is beyond grateful for our members that donated wrapped gifts and canned goods to families in need within our community!





AMRAP in 15 minutes…

1 deadlift (95/65#)

1 hang power clean

1 front squat

1 thruster

1 push press

1 split jerk

The Importance of the Deadlift

Nothing is more natural to the human body than the task of lifting something from the ground. After all, unless somebody else has already picked it up, that’s where most stuff starts out, and we have to lift things every day whether we want to or not. Getting this basic movement strong a little at a time with a loaded barbell is just good preparation.

The deadlift is one of the basic barbell exercises because it trains the whole body. The term “kinetic chain” refers to the musculoskeletal components involved in an exercise between the base of support and the load being moved. In a deadlift, the base of support is your feet on the ground, the load is in your hands, and everything in between is doing its anatomically-predetermined share of the work. Your legs, hips, back, lats, arms and grip are all worked at the same time. Not much is missing from a deadlift.

Here are 7 reasons why the Deadlift is a superb exercise for serious Athletes…

1. If you’re a bodybuilder, or a guy who wants to be JACKED, very few things add slabs of granite-hard muscle to your body like heavy deads

2. your sporting success depends a lot on how good your deadlift is. The deadlift is where competition is won or lost, most events are strongly deadlift based because the stronger your deadlift, the more it affects other strength components, and the stronger your performance will be.

3. Deadlifting builds a pretty decent grip; at least once you get fairly strong at it. In most sports, having a stronger grip will make you a better athlete.

4. If you program your deadlift training sensibly, it will make you a lot STRONGER from head-to-toe. In particular – your glutes, hamstrings, entire back, core, forearms and grip will get stronger.

5. The deadlift is relatively simple to learn (at least compared with many other barbell lifts).

6. The deadlift teaches AGGRESSION. If you aren’t aggressive with a heavy pull – it isn’t gonna budge an inch.

7. The deadlift really hits the posterior chain hard.

-Huffington Post


Anna practicing her knee tuck to L-sit positioning.


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