12/17/2015 Back to the Basics-L Sit Practice


Coach Seth is working on his tan and spear-fishing skills…meanwhile, we are braving the 30-something degree temperatures! Looks AWFUL doesn’t it?


L sit practice

When it comes to fundamental bodyweight feats of strength, it’s hard to beat the L-Sit for overall strength and control.  Your shoulders and arms have to be capable of lifting you up, your stomach has to remain solid to keep your legs elevated, and your legs have to be flexible and strong enough to maintain a straight line. Weakness in even one area can make the L-Sit incredibly tough.  Because of the nature of the L-Sit, there are quite a few progressions within the move itself that can serve as stepping stones.

Proper Form for the L-Sit – 5 Keys to Perfect Positioning

Chest – Should be up and out
Shoulders – Should be pulled back and down
Back – Should remain straight
Knees – Should be locked out
Toes – Should be pointed

Using rings, side by side boxes, paralettes, benches, GHD’s, or matadors, practice the following progressions:

Hanging Knee Raise
Using a pull-up bar or dip bars, lift both knees up to your chest and hold for 5 seconds X 5 sets

Hanging Single Straight Leg Raise
Keep your knee locked out straight and raise it as high as possible while keeping the locked position, and hold for 5 seconds X 5 sets

Hanging Double Straight Leg Raise
This is the hardest variation of this exercise.
Keep your knees locked out straight throughout the movement, raise them to the L sit position and you’ll see how tough this exercise is, and how it can make your L-Sit very strong.
repeat X 5.


AMRAP in 11 minutes

9 hang power cleans (use 70% of your 1 rep max hang squat clean)

7 abmat sit ups with plate held to chest (35/25 lbs)

5 pull ups


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