12/16/2015 Skills Day!



establish a 1 rep max hang squat clean


Andrew on the Death by 10 M Workout

Lactate tolerance
This is a short but very high intensity session. If performed correctly it will produce high levels of fatigue and as such require solid technique. You many not use many calories for the effort required, but this is excellent at developing the ability to produce energy quickly (anaerobically) and resist the effects of lactic acid.


Perform a dynamic warm up on a rowing machine:

-row at low intensity for 2-4 minutes
-break down the elements of the stroke for 30 seconds each, moving from arms only with  fully extended legs, and then legs only with flexed arms. 
-Work your way back into full rowing range of motion and increase the exertion for 2 minutes.
-By the end of the warm up your heart should be beating faster and you should feel warmer than when you began.

These are a few other dynamic exercises which can be used to warm up for your 500 m sprint…

walking lunges
air squats
butt kickers
high knees

then you get ONE shot at a 500 m ROW PR!!

For a session on the rower, your dynamic warm up should enable you to perform the full motion of the rowing stroke. It should leave you feeling ready for ‘action’ for your training session and able to carry out the activity at the desired intensity.  Which in this case is HIGH.



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