12/15/2015 Thruster Tuesday

Great job to those who did the Snatch Sprint yesterday!  Maybe a few of us were still home recovering from the Christmas Party??  We had a lot of great instructional and skill time and the snatch technique continues to improve each time we do it.


Jami starts off the line, during Death by 10 Meters.

“They are the exercises that give you butterflies when you see their names in your workouts. The ones you know are incredibly beneficial, but it takes all of your will not to make an excuse why you can’t do them right now.

For me, that means thrusters. An exercise that deserves to be among exercise royalty for its amazing ability to cover so many different aspects of fitness – flexibility, stability, strength, endurance. I am always surprised that thrusters aren’t more of a cornerstone of functional training.

Thrusters are an excellent exercise that are too often avoided in people’s routines.

Building Strong Foundations

While burpees seem to get more attention than thrusters, we can easily make a parallel between the two movements. In fact, I would argue that you should possess a good thruster in order to perform burpees.

So many people slop through burpees thinking careful form isn’t important because it’s a bodyweight movement. But the reality is the burpee is an explosive drill requiring both mobility and strength in the hips, while also needing stability and strength through the shoulder girdle. Sound familiar?

It can be difficult to gain all these qualities from just doing burpees. Thrusters, though, offer an opportunity to use a wide scope of variations to help us gain these sought-after abilities. Thrusters allow us to open up the playbook in regards to effective and purposeful variations to challenge our fitness in many different ways.

“Yes, a lot of people do have mobility issues in their upper body, but using tools that allow us to have the arms move independently can help us work around such issues.”

If thrusters are such a great exercise, why do so many may avoid them? Some will say lack of mobility in the shoulders and/or thoracic spine. Others may believe thrusters are only a conditioning exercise and lack great versatility. Both are legitimate issues, but can be solved if we take a big-picture look at how we can use the thruster to solve a multitude of fitness needs.”-Josh Henkin, Breaking Muscle


thruster review

kipping pull ups


20 minute AMRAP

10 thrusters (95/65 lbs)

10 pullups


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