12/12/2015 Christmas Party TONIGHT!


TONIGHT is our CFS Christmas Party! It’s not too late to attend!  Just show up in your best holiday duds, (tight, low cut, short, or your ugly sweater…or hell, nothin’ but a Santa hat) from 5-9 pm at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home in Connor Estates. 1133 Shoreline Court, Copperopolis. For a GOOD TIME call “022” at the gate! Regardless of whether or not you “pre-party”, please be careful coming down the steep driveway in your stripper heels (men included), it gets pretty slippery! 😉 Please bring a $10 unisex gift if you’d like to participate in a fun game/gift exchange!





Can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with our CFS Family and Friends!

Pre-race CFS Spartan athletes!!!


Every 4 minutes complete…

100 m run

3 BW hang power cleans

then use the remaining time to do as many Bumper Plate Burpees as possible until you reach 100 Bumper Plate Burpees (35/15 lb plates)  Coach Nic will be on hand for a thorough explanation of bumper plate burpees! 🙂

Happy Saturday and see you tonight!



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