12/10/2015 CFS Christmas this Saturday!

Don’t forget this Saturday is our CFS Christmas Party! 12/12/2015 5-9pm at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home in Connor Estates.  1133 Shoreline Court, Copperopolis.  At the gate, punch in “022” and we will open it for you!  Please bring a $10 unisex gift if you’d like to participate in a fun gift exchange!

This group all got the "what to wear so we all coordinate" memo!

**This group all got the “what to wear so we all coordinate” memo!



500 m row

24 kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood)

42 air squats

Hope everyone enjoyed doing their CrossFit Totals yesterday.  We saw some large numbers going up throughout the day and some pretty impressive lifts!  It’s always such a joy and pleasure to see your faces light up with PR’s and music to our ears to hear you cheer each other on!

If you didn’t hit a PR today…keep reading!!!  This is some amazing and sound advice from Bryce Smith at CrossFit Invictus…

“So you didn’t hit a PR…what now?! Do you fall into a deep dark corner and tell yourself that you suck at life? Do you do the same thing you have been doing over and over again and hope for a different result next time?

We must learn that hitting a PR is not the ultimate goal of training. Enjoying the process and overcoming the small obstacles day in and day out are the real PRs. When you do hit a new personal record, it is certainly awesome and you should celebrate that new accomplishment. But if you don’t hit a new PR in a lift, don’t fret – instead, get back to the drawing board. Start to analyze why we didn’t PR and try to figure out if it is a strength, speed, skill, positioning, mobility, muscular imbalance, or mental issue. Now you’ll know how to change your focus for next time.

Along the way, celebrate the training victories. Training victories can be something simple like finding a way to get into the gym and have a great session even when you did not sleep well the night before or when you have a terrible day at work but still manage to get under the bar and give it your all in a workout.

Our society seems to be very test oriented (think SAT, MCATs, LSATs, The Bar Exam, etc) but are tests really a measure of ones ability? One rep maxes, very similar to test taking, are an acquired skill. It must be practiced and only gets better with experience. Just because you missed a one rep max attempt does not mean all your hard work in the last couple of months goes to waste. It just means your programming might need to go a different direction. You might need to focus more on mobility and positioning, or maybe you need to strengthen your mental game so you do not shut down under the heavy load. By finding that new focus, you will have more tools in your tool box thanks to that one missed lift. In a consumerist society, I’d say you came out on top. So, do not allow what you can’t do affect what you can do.

In order to get to PR city, one must be willing to go through Struggleville. In some cases, this means working on mobility despite it being an uncomfortable, non-glamourous way to spend your time and it’s certainly not something that you will want to post to Instagram to enhance your Instagame. But it’s just as important as those strength gains and sometimes you have to do things that are not glamorous but will pay off in the long run.

Failure is inevitable. Expecting to travel through life without a bump or a bruise is unrealistic and sets you up for disaster down the road.”


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