12/08/2015 Congrats Are In Order!


So many congratulations are in order these days around CFS.  We love to share one another’s accomplishments!  Coach Grant recently graduated from the Alameda Fire Department Academy!  We wish him all the best for his career with the City of Alameda.


Congrats to Jen Moran’s son, Gabe for his recent win last weekend at Calaveras High School’s Wrestling Tournament!  Like mother, like son…they share the “fierce competitor” genes!


And kudos to Suzy for smokin’ the rest of the competition at the Sonora Sport and Fitness Bench Press Competition a few weeks ago!  AND all while wearing a big smile on her face:) She was amazing with her high rep bench press performance!


weighted pull ups


**immediately following your 7th weighted pull up, drop the weight and do as many pullups as possible.  Strict, then butterfly or kipping.


Death by 10 meters

At the top of the 1st minute, sprint 10 m, then rest the remainder of the minute.  At the top of the 2nd minute, sprint 10 m x 2, then rest the remainder of the minute.  At the top of the third minute, sprint 10 m x 3, then rest.  Continue to add an additional 10 m sprint within each minute until you are unable to complete the designated number of sprints within that minute.  You must reach down and touch the ground at each 10 m mark.  Practice the agility of changing directions quickly and smoothly in an efficient and effective manner.  Keep in mind, that AGILITY is one of CrossFit’s 10 General Physical Skills!

Many of our new members have recently completed this workout during their On Ramp Beginner Sessions.   For our seasoned vets, this workout was last programmed on 01/10/2015.  Whether you are new or “old”, attempt to beat your last score!!

∴∴∴Don’t forget this Saturday is our CFS Christmas Party! 12/12/2015 5-9pm at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home.   1133 Shoreline Court, Copperopolis, CA (Connor Estates)  Punch in “022” at the gate intercom and it will ring through to the house to open the gate.   Look for the Candy Cane columns.  We are so excited for a fun night of seeing our loved ones in their ‘NON GYM’ attire;)  Please bring a $10 unisex gift if you’d like to participate in a fun gift exchange!

∴∴∴If you are interested in a Christmas Adopt-a-Family please contact Cheryl. She has several families in need this year!

∴∴∴Don’t forget our Holiday Canned Food Box located at the front desk! It’s starting to fill up thanks to our members, who are bringing in canned goods each time they WOD:)


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