12/01/2015 Deload for Major Gains!


Maren in the top of a push up position, fully extended and locked out.

SWOD: (De-Load week)

Taking a week to “deload,” or recover a bit, is a simple training method that allows you to keep making progress without abandoning training all together. It allows your body to recover by muscles totally repairing, returning hormone levels to normal, and your central nervous system to rest. This is an absolutely essential part of strength training as well as conditioning.

In sport, this type of deloading of the muscles and nervous system is known as tapering. When athletes taper, they are aiming for full recovery, which is what allows them to perform at such a high level.

Since your workouts are lighter it is also a great time to focus on recovery activities such as massage, foam rolling or doing some extra stretching. Yoga is always a great option for recovery as well.  Come see our lovely Yoga Instructor, Kim Cook for a nice stretch session!!

deadlift and shoulder press 

*5 reps @ 40% base

*5 reps @ 50% base

*5 reps @ 60% base


AMRAP in 15 minutes

*5 med ball cleans (20/14#)

*10 box jumps

*15 dips

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