11/25/2015 Fight Gone Bad…Really Bad! Mustache WOD Today!

Who doesn’t want to look like a total BADA*# while doing this workout with an incredible mustache to support MEN’s Health!?  


Today is our Movember Mustache workout for all the special men in our lives. There will be a donation jar at the front of the gym, for anyone interested, or you can donate directly to support men’s health by clicking on the Movember Foundation site. Sport your best STACHE during your workout! Be creative! If you can’t grow one overnight, then draw/color/paint/glue one on, or fake it till you make it! There will be a prize for the best AM and PM STACHE!! The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 million and funding over 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Join CFS in supporting MEN’S HEALTH by donating and participating in our Movember Mustache workout today!



5 Rounds (notice it’s FIVE rounds and not our usual THREE) …one minute at each station with a one minute rest between rounds

**wall ball (20/14#)

**SDHP (75/55#)

**Box Jumps (20″)

**Push press (75/55#)

**row (calorie)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after one minute.  The clock does not reset or stop between exercises.  This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating.  On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to the next station immediately for best score.  One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Fight Gone Bad is one of the CrossFit benchmark WODs.  It was designed to simulate the time domain of a mixed martial arts bout of five minutes of work followed by one minute of rest.  It has been used in 3 and 5 round versions.  It was so named after BJ Penn, a professional mixed martial artist, remarked that it was like a “fight gone bad” when asked how it compared to a real fight.

At CFS, we have never done a 5 round FGB, so dig deep and make sure your reps are QUALITY!!

Show your support for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Men’s Mental Health and Physical Inactivity.  Slap on that ‘stache and come do FIGHT GONE REALLY BAD with us today!





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