11/12/2015 Congrats to our CFS Runners!

Great job to all who participated in the Veteran’s Day Hero WOD.  We had a great time celebrating those who have protected our freedom and those who continue to do so.
runners2.001Check out these snap shots of our CFS members who ♥LOVE♥ to run, and those who don’t really like it so much, but decided to challenge themselves anyway!;)  A few of them actually trained for these big events and a few of them did no training other than CrossFit.  A true testament to how CrossFit really does prepare you to complete most physical tasks!!  Strong work to our athletes.


Back squat/Bench press

Base =90% 1 rep max

5 @ 65% base

5 @ 75% base

5+ @ 85% base


CrossFit Games Open 12.2

proceed through the sequence below, completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes.  Score is your total reps.

30 snatch (75/45#)

30 snatch (135/75#)

30 snatch (165/100#)

max rep snatch (210/120#)

scale appropriately!!


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