11/06/2015 Is that a PREGNANT chick doing CROSSFIT!?

**Gymnastics Clinic this Sunday, 11/08/2015, 10 am!  We have a few spots left, come join the fun!**

**Bench press competition at Sonora Sport and Fitness, November 21st, 11 am-2 pm.


Meet Kristie (and Baby Lucy-coming Feb. 2016), one of many pregnant CrossFitters we’ve coached at CFS over the last six and a half years.  Other currently “preggo” CFS athletes include Cassy B. and Kristin R.


As if CrossFit doesn’t start enough controversy on it’s own, CrossFitting while pregnant can sometimes cause all hell to break loose, as far as everyone’s opinions.    “For these women, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of conflicting information—not just on the Internet, but also from doctors and well-intentioned friends and family members. ‘Listen to your body’ is the mantra for pregnancy fitness, and for good reason. Women do need to listen to their bodies and be safe, during pregnancy more than ever.”-Katharine Reece, CFSBK

There are very specific guidelines to follow during each stage of pregnancy, 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester, as well as during the postpartum period.  Here at CFS, we remove the intensity component of the workouts and focus more on strength and mechanics.  During each phase, the pregnant body experiences hormonal and physiological changes which require us to begin substituting common exercises for our pregnant athletes.   Once we are informed of a pregnancy, a coach will discuss specific substitutions and guidelines for our pregnant moms to follow.  Squat depth, exercises involving being flat on your back, core body temperature, hydration and sustained heart rate are all considered, as well as a multitude of other factors.  Once the abdomen becomes too large for barbell movements, we begin to use other tools such as kettlebells and dumbbells for lifting.  We avoid ANY exercises that affect balance and increase the risk of falling (rope climbs, box jumps, or being inverted) and further lighten loads and intensity as the pregnancy progresses.  Pregnant athletes are monitored closely during CrossFit classes, and coaches “check in” with them constantly, reminding them to lighten up on the intensity factor.

Post partum athletes also have special things that we consider while coaching.  Diastasis Recti, c-sections and pelvic floor muscles all need to be specifically addressed during the post-partum period.   Moms are expected and encouraged to touch base with the Coaches regularly and scale appropriately throughout all stages of their Baby Baking.

WOD: Preggos scale appropriately! 😉



-run 400 meters

-30 box jumps (24/20″)

-30 wall balls (20/14#)


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