11/04/2015 A Few Facts About STRENGTH Training

Great job on yesterdays workout and bent over rows!  Lots of nice technique and form was noticed by the coaches.  FORM, CONSISTENCY then INTENSITY.  In that order.  That’s CrossFit.


SAVE the DATE for the CFS Christmas Party at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home–December 12th!

New Winter YOGA schedule: MON/WED 6:45-7:45 pm, Sat 10:15-11:15 am following the WOD.

New Beginner CrossFit/ON-RAMP Classes: Tues @ 6:30pm and Fri @ 5:30pm

GYMNASTICS CLINIC this SUNDAY 11/08/2015 at 10 am, cost is $25


Todd warms up his range of motion with a light set of front squats.


for time…


virtual shoveling

push ups

with an Olympic Bar holding only one plate (45/25#), touch the plate on one side of a barrier then the other side for one “rep”.  Barrier is 24″.


  1. Strength training not only makes you stronger, it STRENGTHENS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.  A Japanese study measured the natural killer-cell activity (NK cells attack sickness-causing cells) of healthy college students after eight weeks of strength training and found a significant increase compared to the non-exercise group.
  2. Burn fat, build muscle, and BOOST METABOLISM.
  3. Build HEALTHIER JOINTS, strong muscles support strong joints.
  4. AVOID INJURY.  Over time, your front muscles become tighter and less flexible, while your back muscles become longer and weaker due to normal daily activities, computer work, forward bending, etc.  A good total-body strength training program can help balance you out and help you avoid injury.
  5. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE.  Recent research has confirmed that just an hour of strength training per week can reduce blood pressure enough to drop stroke risk by 25 percent.
  6. IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE.  Scientific studies show that balance can be recovered through strength training, and even more so through weight loss, which can occur with weightlifting.
  7. GAIN STRENGTH WITHOUT BULK.  The best way to build long, lean and strong muscles while torching body fat is to target fast-twitch muscles with strength training, according to research in a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.
  8. FIGHT DIABETES.  When you’re lifting, your muscles are using glycogen for energy; during the rest period in between exercises, your muscles then burn the stored fat. So weight training, done right, can be just as effective as aerobic exercise in controlling diabetes.
  9. REDUCE CANCER RISK.  Research suggests that regular weight bearing exercise can reduce your cancer risk by as much as 20 to 40 percent.
  10. BOOST ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.  Adding weights to your normal routine will make you a better and stronger athlete.  Strength training can improve your performance in any physical activity by building the powerful muscles needed for your sport.

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