11/02/2015 Happy November! Wendler starts again next week!


Kendra getting a little weighted pull-up “encouragement” from Coach Grant.

With the cooler weather approaching (hopefully), it is time to plan on being inside the gym a bit more to focus on strength.  Typically, we increase our strength training during the winter months in order to avoid the elements of Mother Nature.  Next week, we will begin our Wendler Strength Program again.  A magnitude of our athletes saw major gains during our last couple of cycles.

Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 strength training program is extremely popular for two good reasons: it’s simple and it works.   It’s easy to understand, it doesn’t require any special equipment, the workouts are relatively short, and it’s very effective.

One important thing to remember is that CrossFit is a group class so individual progress and record keeping will be the job of the athlete. With this program, as with CrossFit everything is measurable, so it is important to keep a record of your numbers if you are interested in following the program and measuring you performance progress. If you aren’t too concerned with performance and just want to get a great workout, that is fine, but keep in mind that the amount of weight being used in each workout will be determined by your strength.  Each workout should be certain percentages of your one-rep max. We know that not everyone will be able to make all the training sessions, so you will just continue with the set/rep scheme as prescribed on the days you come in.

If you do not have your last 1 rep max numbers, this week will be a great time to hit up an open gym time and do them!  MONDAY-FRIDAY @ 3:30p-4:30p or TUES and THURS @ 5:30 AM!

Stay tuned for more details on the Wendler Program, we will post a rough schedule of what to expect in the weeks ahead!


bench press


work your way up to a 5 rep max


15 min AMRAP

-7 power cleans (75/55#)

-7 thrusters (75/55#)

-7 pullups


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