Pete hitting the thrusters during his Jackie Samich yesterday afternoon.


Complete 2 rounds of the following couplet within 3 minutes.

10 wallballs (20/14#)

10 deadlifts (135/95#)

Rest 1 minute

Then complete 2 more rounds increasing the movements by 2 reps, within 3 minutes.

12 wallballs

12 deadlifts

Rest 1 minute

**continue this trend until you are unable to complete the required reps within the 3 minute time period.


Dinner for Cat tonight at the Standard Pour at 6:45p, let’s send her off to her next assignment in Atascadero with some CFS love!

New tanks, t-shirts, and slouchies for sale in the office…Come check out the new colors!

Gymnastics Clinic Sunday November 8th, 10 am start.  Space limited, sign up on whiteboard!  


Attention all you T SHIRT MUSCLE FANS!! Local competition coming up soon!!

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